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Interesting Victory Tour 1984 Facts:

.: The 'Victory Tour' was 'The Jacksons' last tour.

.: The Victory Tour 1984 proved to be the then-largest concert tour in music history, playing 55 dates in 23 cities and selling more than 2.3 million tickets.

.: Michael has donated all his money for this tour to three different charities, including the 'United Negro College Fund'.




Concerts ::. The Jacksons ::. Victory Tour 1984 & Previous Tours

The Victory Tour began in Kansas city, Arrowhead Stadium, July 6, 1984 and ended December 9, 1984 in Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles. "The Jacksons" last tour - The "Victory" Tour feat. 55 concerts to about 2.3 million loving fans, crossing the USA and Canada over the course of 5 months.


Victory Tour 1984:
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2. Things I Do For You
3. Off The Wall
4. Human Nature
5. Heartbreak Hotel
6. She's Out Of My Life
7. Jermaine Jackson Solo: [Let's Get Serious; You Like Me Don't You; Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin']
8. Jackson 5 Medley: [I Want You Back; I The Love You Save;
I'll Be There]
9. Rock With You
10. Lovely One
11. Working Day And Night
12. Beat It
13. Billie Jean
14. Shake Your Body [Down To The Ground]


"The Jacksons" Victory Tour 1984 became the then-biggest Tour any group had ever done!


"The Jacksons" 1981 Triumph Tour began in Memphis, Tennessee, and concluded in Los Angeles.
The Jacksons set a record breaking 4 sold out concerts in Los Angeles. Katherine Hepburn, a close friend of Michael, attended The Jacksons concert at Madison Square Garden. The Triumph Tour was a 39 city tour of the U.S.A.


"The Jacksons" began a World Tour to promote the "Destiny" album on January 22, 1979 with their opening concert in Bremen. Countries that were visited included Britain, Holland, France, and Kenya. During the spring of 1979 "The Jacksons" performed some concerts in Britain. In April 14, 1979 the Jackson's began their U.S Tour in Cleveland, Ohio and finished in Washington, D.C after visiting 80 U.S cities.


"The Jacksons" began a World Tour which included Europe and the U.S.A. on January 22, 1978.

1977 TOUR

"The Jacksons" began a two and a half week Tour of Europe. This Tour included the Royal Command Performance at King's Hall, Glasgow, Scotland as part of the Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations.


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