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1975 Tours

In January of 1975 the "Jackson 5" toured the West Indies.

On February 7, 1975 the "Jackson 5" performed in concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Approximately mid-February the "Jackson 5" returned to Britain for a concert tour.

1974 Tours

January 29, 1974 the "Jackson 5" embarked on a one week stay to Africa on their African tour. They were greeted by a group of dancers and drummers at the airport.

On February 22, 1974 the "Jackson 5" performed in Houston, Texas.

From April 9, 1974 - April 24, 1974 the "Jackson 5" played shows at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The shows broke attendance records.

During May 1974 the "Jackson 5" performed a series of concerts in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe.

From July 19, 1974 - August 16, 1974 the "Jackson 5" toured several venues in the U.S beginning in Pittsburgh and ending in Minnesota.

On August 17, 1974 the "Jackson 5" were featured at the World Expo in Spokane, Washington.

From August 21 - September 3, 1974 the "Jackson 5" returned to Las Vegas and the MGM Grand Hotel for another series of shows.

From September 4, 1974 - October 1, 1974 the "Jackson 5" toured South America with concerts which included Panama, Venezuela and Brazil.

From October 7, 1974 - November 1, 1974 the "Jackson 5" toured the Far East with concerts that included Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the Philippines.

From November 20, 1974 - December 3, 1974 the "Jackson 5" returned to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas for another series of shows.

1973 Tours

During March the "Jackson 5" performed in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas.

From April 22, 1973 - May 3, 1973 The "Jackson 5" toured Japan.

During May 1973 the "Jackson 5" performed a series of concerts in the U.S.

In late June 1973/early July 1973 the "Jackson 5" became the first black group to ever tour Australia.
They also held concerts in New Zealand.

From July 20, 1973 - September 2, 1973 the "Jackson 5" tour the U.S. The group starts in Pittsburgh and ends in Honolulu.

Jackson 5 - International Tour

In October 1972, the "Jackson 5" embarked on their first-ever International tour. Some concerts included stops at Munich, Paris, and 4 British cities. The "Jackson 5" broke the Liverpool Empire attendance records, previously held by the Beatles. They also performed the Royal Command Performance in the presence of the Queen Mother.

Jackson 5 - United States Tour

Late 1971 The "Jackson 5" toured the United States, performing in 50 cities.

Jackson 5 - Second National Tour

In the summer of 1971 the "Jackson 5" embarked on their Second National Tour. The group played 40 concerts in the U.S which included the cities: Milwaukee, Philadelphia and New York City. The opening act was The Commodores, featuring Lionel Richie.
The tour ended in Honolulu on September 12, 1971.

Jackson 5 - First National Tour

On October 9, 1970 the "Jackson 5" embarked on their first national tour. The group visited cities across the U.S including Boston, Cincinnati, Tennessee and New York City.
On January 31, 1971 the "Jackson 5" returned home for the first time since moving to California.


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