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Michael Jackson Talks To Geraldo Rivera [February 05, 2005]

On January 19, 2005, Geraldo Rivera conducted an intimate and revealing interview
with Michael Jackson. Here we see an intimate glimpse of the real man, the father,
the warrior and the honest, tender heart behind the media's often extremely inaccurate
and cruel portrayal.
The Interview was shown on February 05, 2005 of FOX News channel.


Jesse Jackson Radio Interview [March 28, 2005]

Michael Jackson gave an exclusive interview to long-time family friend Reverend Jesse Jackson as he
called into his Keep Hope Alive radio show. Michael discussed his early days with the Jackson 5,
his rise to solo stardom and the court case he's going through.
Michael also discussed a conspiracy happening concerning his ownership of the Sony/ATV catalogue (more commonly known as 'The Beatles catalogue'), but could not comment too much
because of the gag-order imposed on him.

CBS 60 Minutes Interview [December 25, 2003]

On Christmas Day of 2003, Michael sat down in a Los Angeles hotel to speak to Ed Bradley
of CBS's 60 Minutes news program. Michael wanted to give the world his side of the allegations
story that he had been arrested for just over a month prior.


Living With Michael Jackson [February 03, 2003]
[Martin Bashir Interview]

The following is the full transcript of the interview, without Bashir's untrue comments!


Interview With Gold Magazine [2002]

In late 2002, Michael granted an interview with England's prestigious magazine, Gold Magazine.
The magazine is published twice a year by Conde Nast Publications Ltd for Harrods.

VIBE Magazine Interview [March, 2002]

"Invincible", his first album in four years, was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
His two sold-out tribute shows at Madison Square Garden in September 2001 (just before
the terrorist attacks) were later aired as a CBS special watched by more than
25.7 million viewers, making it that network's highest-rated music special of all time.

Online Audio Chat [October 26, 2001]

On October 26, 2001 Michael took part in an online audio chat, answering on the fans
questions via the telephone
, through moderator Anthony DeCurtis.
The interview was sponsored by and

TV Guide Interview - "Man In The Mirror" [November 2001]


MTV Interview [December 04-10, 1999]

In conjunction with the "
TV Guide Interview [1999]" Michael also granted an Interview
with MTV (USA). Clips from the Interview were shown during their countdown to the
Top Music Videos of all time in December, 1999.

TV Guide Interview [December 04-10, 1999]

At the end of the Millennium, TV GUIDE & MTV USA teamed up to choose the 100 Greatest
Music Videos Ever: Michael's video "Thriller" is chosen as the No. 1 Greatest Video Ever Made!

Ok! Magazine Interview [April 04, 1997]

April 4 & 11, 1997 - Michael permitted OK! Magazine (a British magazine) to publish
photographs of his first born baby boy, Prince Michael Jackson Jr.
An interview with Michael and his wife Debbie accompanied the photo spread.

Interview with Barbara Walters [September 07, 1997]

The interview was taped earlier in the week at the George V Hotel in Paris, France and
was also broadcast in other countries, such as Germany, Canada, and Australia.
After the interview, Barbara Walters stated on the show The View, that she found Michael
to be very charming.

Ian "Molly" Meldrum Interview [November 19, 1996]

Michael granting an exclusive interview to Ian 'Molly' Meldrum just minutes before
his HIStory concert in Brisbane, Australia.

Simulchat [August 17, 1995]

On the evening of August 17th, Michael Jackson joined together with the Internet, Compuserve, America Online, Prodigy and his fans from around the world in a simulchat.
MTV televised the simulchat as well.
The event took place in the boardroom of The Museum Of Television & Radio in midtown Manhattan.

Prime Time Live [June 14, 1995]

The interview, held by Diane Sawyer, was broadcast live around the world,
Sony Picture Studios, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Michael Talks to Oprah [February 10, 1993]

This 90 minute long interview was broadcast LIVE around the world from Michael's
Neverland Valley Ranch in California.
The live telecast attracted about 85 million viewers in US alone, and was the 4th
most watched TV event in history.
It was the most successful ABC entertainment special ever.


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