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M. Jackson Guinness World Records 2007

.: The Biggest-Selling Album Of All Time
The best-selling album of all time is Thriller by Michael Jackson (USA), with global sales of over 104 million copies to date since 1982.

.: Most Grammy Awards Won In A Year By A Person (8 Grammy)
At the 26th Annual Grammy Awards in 1984 Michael Jackson won eight Grammy awards, which included Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for Beat It, "Record Of The Year" with Beat It, and "Album of The Year" with Thriller.

.: Youngest Vocalist to Top the US Singles Chart (aged 11, fronting The Jackson Five)

.: First Vocalist to Enter the US Single Chart at Number One (You Are Not Alone)

.: First Entertainer to Earn More Than 100 million Dollars in a Year and Highest Paid Entertainer of all Time (125 million dollars in the 1989 Forbes list).

.: First Entertainer to Sell More Than 100 Million Albums outside the US.

.: Most Weeks at the Top of the US Album Charts (non-soundtrack for Thriller)

.: Most Successful Music Video (Thriller).

Michael Jackson's Awards ::. 1970-1980's


NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group [Jackson 5]


Grammy Awards:
.: Best Pop Song ["ABC"]

NAACP Image Awards:
.: Best Singing Group [Jackson 5]


Billboard Awards:
.: Top Singles Artist Of The Year
.: Top Singles Male Of The Year

Golden Globe Awards:
.: ["Ben"]

NAACP Image Awards:
.: Best Singing Group [Jackson 5]

U.S. Congress:
.: Special Commendation For Positive Role Models


American Music Awards:
.: Favorite Male Soul Artist
.: Favorite Soul Album ["Off The Wall"]
.: Favorite Soul Single ["Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"]

Billboard Awards:
.: Top Black Artist
.: Top Black Album ["Off The Wall"]

.: Top Soul Album ["Off The Wall"]

Grammy Awards:
.: Best R&B Performance ["Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"]

Hollywood Walk Of Fame:
.: The Jacksons receive a Star on the Hollywood Blvd.

NAACP Image Awards:
.: Best Singing Group [The Jacksons]


American Music Awards:
.: Favorite Male Vocalist - Soul/R&B
.: Favorite Album - Soul/R&B ["Off The Wall"]

Brit Awards:
.: British Phonographic Industry Awards
.: Best Album ["Off The Wall"]

.: Soul Album Of The Year ["Off The Wall"]

NAACP Image Awards:
.: Best Singing Group [The Jacksons]


Black Gold Awards:
.: Top Male Vocalist
.: Best Video Performance ["Beat It"]
.: Best Single Of The Year ["Billie Jean"]
.: Best Album ["Thriller"]

Black Radio Exclusive Awards:
.: Artist Of The Year

Billboard Awards:
.: Pop Artist Of The Year
.: Black Artist Of The Year
.: Pop Album Of The Year ["Thriller"]
.: Pop Album Artist
.: Pop Singles Artist
.: Pop Male Album Artist
.: Pop Male Singles Artist
.: Black Album Artist
.: Black Singles Artist
.: Black Album ["Thriller"]
.: Dance/Disco Artist
.: Dance/Disco 12" LP ["Billie Jean"]
.: Dance/Disco 12" LP ["Beat It"]

Billboard Video Awards:
.: Best Video ["Beat It"]
.: Best Male Performance
.: Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist's Image ["Beat It"]
.: Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist's Song ["Beat It"]
.: Best Choreography ["Beat It"]

.: Number One Male Artist
.: Top Pop Single ["Billie Jean"]
.: Top Male Singles Artist
.: Top Black Album ["Thriller"]
.: Top Pop Album ["Thriller"]
.: Top Black Male Artist
.: Top Black Male-Singles Artist
.: Top Black Single ["Billie Jean"]

Rolling Stone:
.: Readers Poll - # 1 Artist of the Year
.: Readers Poll - # 1 Soul Artist
.: Readers Poll - # 1 Video ["Beat It"]
.: Readers Poll - # 1 Producer [with Quincy Jones]
.: Critics Poll - # 1 Artist of the Year
.: Critics Poll - # 1 Video ["Beat It"]
.: Critics Poll - # 1 Male Vocalist
.: Critics Poll - # 1 Soul Artist

.: Album Of The Year
.: Single Of The Year
.: International Artist Of The Year
.: Record Of The Year
.: Album Of The Year
.: Artist Of The Year
.: Artist Of The Year
.: Best Male Vocalist
.: Album Of The Year
.: Most Important Foreign Album

United Kingdom:

.: Album Of The Year
.: Artist Of The Year


American Music Awards:
.: Special Award Of Merit
.: Favorite Male Vocalist - Pop/Rock
.: Favorite Single - Pop/Rock ["Billie Jean"]
.: Favorite Album - Pop/Rock ["Thriller"]
.: Favorite Video - Pop/Rock ["Beat It"]
.: Favorite Album - Soul/R&B ["Thriller"]
.: Favorite Male Vocalist - Soul/R&B

American Video Awards:
.: Best Long Form Video
.: Best Home Video

Billboard Awards:
.: Top Album ["Thriller"]

Canadian Black Music Awards:
.: Top International Album ["Thriller"]
.: Top International Single ["Billie Jean"]
.: Top Male Vocalist
.: Entertainer Of The Year

Crystal Globe Awards:
.: Exceeding Sales Past 5 Million
.: Ebony Magazine Awards

Grammy Awards:
.: Producer Of The Year [with Quincy Jones] ["Thriller"]
.: Album Of The Year ["Thriller"]
.: Record Of The Year ["Beat It"]
.: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance ["Beat It"]
.: Best Male R&B Vocal Performance ["Billie Jean"]
.: Best New R&B Song ["Billie Jean"]
.: Best Male Pop Performance
.: Best Recording For Children ["E.T"] Album, narration by Michael Jackson

Guinness Book Of Worlds Records:
.: Best Selling Album Of All Time ["Thriller"]

Hotel Royal Plaza:
.: Presentation Casement ["37 Gold & Platinum Discs"]

Hollywood Walk Of Fame:
.: Star for Michael Jackson on Hollywood Blvd. in front of Mann's Chinese Theater

MTV Video Music Awards:
.: Best Overall Video ["Thriller"]
.: Best Choreography ["Thriller"]
.: Viewers Choice Award ["Thriller"]

People's Choice Awards:
.: Best All Around Entertainer Of The Year
.: Favorite Video Of The Year ["Thriller"]

NAACP Image Awards:
.: H. Claude Hodson Medal Of Freedom Award 1984 Olympic Medal Of Friendship

NARM: [National Association Of Recording Merchandisers]

Gift Of Music Award:
.: Best Selling Album ["Thriller"]
.: Best selling Single ["Billie Jean"]
.: Best Home Video ["The Making Of Thriller"]

Presidential Special Achievement Award:
.: Presented by U.S. President Ronald Regan to Michael Jackson at the White House in recognition of his contribution to the nation's campaign against drunk driving - "Beat It" was used in the ads.

United Kingdom:
.: Presentation Casement Of Platinum Disc 1985 ["Thriller"] LP


Grammy Awards:
.: Best Home Video ["The Making Of Thriller"]

"Hero Of Young America":
.: Voted in a special poll


American Music Awards:
.: Award Of Appreciation
.: Song Of The Year ["We Are The World"]

Grammy Awards:
.: Song Of The Year ["We Are The World"]
.: Record Of The Year ["We Are The World"]
.: Best Pop Performance By Duo Or Group ["We Are The World"]
.: Best Music Video Short Form ["We Are The World"]

Guinness Book Of World Records:
.: Largest Ever Endorsement For Product Promotion [US$ 15 million for Pepsi]

People's Choice Awards:
.: Favorite New Song ["We Are The World"]


Bravo Magazine Awards:
.: Silver Otto Award

Smash Hits Awards:
.: Best Male Vocalist

Aftonbladet Readers' Poll [Sweden]:
.: Best Vocal Artist Of 1987


American Music Awards:
.: Favorite Single - Soul/R&B ["Bad"]

Billboard Awards:
.: Top Black Artist

Blues & Soul:
.: Outstanding Artist Of The Year
.: Best Live Show Of 1988

Bravo Magazine Awards:
.: Gold Otto Award

Brit Awards: [British Phonographic Industry Awards]
.: Best International Solo Artist

Cable Ace Awards:
.: Outstanding Editing In A Musical Special - ["Motown On Showtime: Michael Jackson - The Legend Continues"]

Ebony Magazine:
.: American Black Achievement Award

.: # 1 Entertainer Of The Year [$]

Guild Hall Party:
.: Presentation Of Sword To Commemorate "Bad" Tour

MTV Video Awards:
.: Video Vanguard Award

NAACP Image Awards:
.: Best Male Artist ["Bad" Single]
.: Best Album ["Bad"]
.: Leonard Carter Humanitarian Award

New York Times Best Seller List:
.: # 1 Book ["Moonwalk" by Michael Jackson]
.: Orpheus Award

Smash Hits Awards:
.: Best Male Vocalist

Soul Train Music Awards:
.: R&B Album Of The Year ["Bad"]
.: Best Male Single Of The Year ["Bad"]

The United Negro College Fund
.: Honorary Doctor Of Humane Letters Degree From Fisk University Frederick D. Patterson Award

Wembley Stadium:
.: For Seven Sell Out Record Breaking Shows


American Music Awards:
.: Special Award Of Achievement
.: Video Pioneer Award
.: American Dance Award

Black Radio Exclusive Awards:
.: Humanitarian Award

.: Award For The Success Of "Bad" Tour

Billboard Awards:
.: Number One Black Artist
.: # 1 Album - Pop/R&B ["Bad"]

Bravo Magazine Awards:
.: Bronze Otto Award

BRE Awards:
.: Triple Crown Award [King Of Pop, Rock & Soul]
.: Video Of The Year

British TV Industry Awards:
.: Artist Of The Decade

Brit Awards:
.: [British Phonographic Industry Awards]
.: Video Of The Year ["Smooth Criminal"]
.: Best International Male Artist

Canadian Music Awards:
.: Teddy Award ["Leave Me Alone"]

Capital Children Museum:
.: Best Of Washington 1989 Humanitarian Award

.: Video Pioneer

Critic's Choice Awards:
.: Best Video ["Smooth Criminal"]

Entertainment Tonight:
.: The Most Important Entertainer Of The Decade

Friday Night Videos:
.: Greatest Artist Of The Decade
.: Number One Artist

.: # 1 Entertainer Of The Year [$]

Gardner Street Elementary School:
.: The Most Famous Alumnus Renamed School Auditorium to "The Michael Jackson Auditorium"

MTV Video Music Awards:
.: Video Vanguard Award ["Thriller"- The Greatest Video In The History Of The World]

National Urban Coalition:
.: Humanitarian Award

People's Choice Awards:
.: Favorite Music Video ["Smooth Criminal"]

Rolling Stone Magazine:
.: Video Of The Decade ["Thriller"]

Soul Train Music Awards:
.: Best R&B Urban Contemporary Single By A Male ["Man In The Mirror"]
.: 1st Annual Sammy Davis Junior Award

U.K. TV Show:
.: Goodbye To The 80's Award

Vanity Fair:
.: Artist Of The Decade

Video Software Dealer Association:
.: Favorite Music Video ["Moonwalker"]

World Music Awards:
.: Philips Hall Of Fame Award for Lifetime Achievement In Video
.: Viewers Choice # 1 Video ["Dirty Diana"]


American Music Awards 1980


American Music Awards 1981


BPI Record Industry Awards 1981


Victory Tour Press Conference 1983


American Music Awards 1984


The 26th Grammy Awards 1984


NAACP Image Awards 1984


Special Achievement Award 1984


The 28th Grammy Awards 1986


The United Negro College Fund 1988


American Music Awards 1989


Soul Train Music Awards 1989


Gardner Street Element. School 1989


Sammy Davis 60th Anniversary 1989


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