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About Michael ::. Basic Information

Name:  Michael Joseph Jackson
Nick names:  Mike, Mikey, MJ (MJJ), Doodoo, Smelly, Joker
Date Of Birth:  August 29, 1958
Date Of Death: June 25, 2009
Birth place:  Gary, Indiana, USA
Burial place: Los Angeles, California.
Race:  African-American
Sex:  Male
Tall:  178 cm
Weight:  ~ 65 kg
Eyes color:  Brown
Hairs:  Black
Address:  Michael Jackson, Neverland Valley Ranch,
c/o Postmaster, Figueroa Mountain Road, Santa Ynez Valley,
Los Olivos, CA, 93441, USA
Parents:  Katherine Esther Scruse and Joseph Walter Jackson
Brothers & Sisters:  Maureen "Rebbie" Reilette Jackson-Brown, Sigmund "Jackie" Esco, Toriano "Tito" Adaryll, Jermaine Lajaune, LaToya Yvonne, Marlon David, Steven "Randy"Randall, Janet "Dunk"Damita Jo
Quarry:  Quarry began at 1963 years in household musical group,
as a leading vocalist. He is also try and succeed, as actor, designer, dancer, stage manager, producer, writer, artist, model, composer, singer, poet
In the same way he was:
.: Honourable graduate of Humanitarian College
.: President of company MJJ Productions
.: President of company MIJAC Music
.: Co-owner JB Enterprises
.: Co-owner Sony Music / ATV Music
.: Honourable Member World Karate Fund
.: Creator Heal The World Foundation
.: PH.D
.: Charitable figure

Profession:  Composer, Singer, Dancer, Poet, Writer,
Businessman, Charitable figure
Household position:  Twice divorce, celibate
Children:  Prince Michael Jackson Jr. (13/2/1997) ; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (3/4/1998) and his son 'Blanket' (2003).
Fascinations:  Philosophy, Anatomy, cinema, history, culture of
folk of the world, architecture, shopping, drawing, video games,
prominent personalities
Loved singer (female):  Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin
Loved singer (male):  James Brown, Jacky Willson,
Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie.
Loved group:  Beatles, Eagles, BeeGees
Loved car:  Lincoln Continental
Loved colour:  Red, Black
Loved numeral:  7
Loved composer:  Tchaickovsky, Prokofiev, Claude DeBussie
Loved drink:  Carrot and Orange juice
Loved place:  Disneyland, Neverland

Michael Jackson has become a holder of the most quantity of absolute worldwide and local records concerning to one person ever, one of the most known man ever among six billion people of worldwide community, the most photographed man ever, the most awarded man ever, the biggest selling artist of all time selling more records than any single artist or group, a honorary doctor of philosophy of several leading universities, a connoisseur of mid centuries and ancient music and art, a producer of one of the most awarded musical ever, an innovator of new principal dance movement methods and mimic poses, a developer of singing to the top of art with using four octaves voice as a the most complex music instrument, one of the greatest composers ever creating with popular dance, rock, soul, gospel, funk, neoclassical music, playing piano, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, drums, percussion, writing parties for symphonic orchestra and choirs, a developer of simultaneous stage dance performing and singing, an innovator of mini-movie music video clip concept, a developer of one of the most original fashion and style image, a designer of his almost three thousand acres home ranch 'Neverland', entertainment theme parks and hotel complexes, an owner of Karate black belt and highest fifth degree skill, one of the biggest philanthropist with more than two hundred million dollars spent for the true charity, a visitor of hundreds hospitals in tens of countries around the world, the most worth person ever, a billionaire, an owner, co-owner and president of tens companies.

In 2009 Michael Jackson has announced that he is returning to the stage for a historic 50 shows at The O2 arena performing in London for the last time. The King of Pop was planning to perform his greatest hits for the event of the summer, the concerts of 2009-2010 and the decade's hottest gigs.

It was one of the most eagerly awaited returns to the stage of all time, Michael Jackson has not played a series of concerts since he last toured 12 years ago. These dramatic shows promised an explosive return with a band of the highest calibre, state-of-the-art stage show and incredible surprise support acts. "I am coming to London to play the songs my fans want to hear." - Michael Jackson. It was planned to perform 50 nights at The O2 arena starts on July 13th, 2009.

But unfortunately just couple of weeks before his so long-waited comeback, Michael Jackson has passed away.

Michael Jackson has died on 25th of June 2009. He was only 50 years old. Gone Too Soon...
We love you Michael! You are always in our hearts and your music will live forever! Rest in peace.


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